A Unique 8 Week Guided Journey of Change with Expert Coaches in Nutrition, Habit Change, Meditation, Fitness, Yoga and Pilates.

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Become part of a fun, non-judgmental, friendly and supportive group of likeminded women.

New habits

Build a strong foundation by gradually developing new eating, wellbeing and exercise habits that are sustainable for the future.


Be guided at every step of your health and fitness journey by our friendly, experienced fitness and wellbeing experts.

Suitable for everyone, you’ll have online access to tools and ongoing support:

  • Health and fitness app

Monitor your progress through the programme and beyond.

  • Yoga

Improve your flexibility, feel calmer and able to cope with life’s challenges.

  • Recipes & nutrition advice

Develop healthy eating habits for the whole family. No need to diet and feel like you’re missing out.

  • Sleep

Explore how to improve your sleep quality and gain more energy.

  • HIIT exercise sessions

Increase your heart rate, get moving and burn calories.

  • Meditation

Become more aware of your thought patterns and gain a more positive outlook.

  • Support

A private, non-judgmental Facebook group provides support from experts and other members.

  • Water

Did you know water intake and weight loss are closely linked? Learn how.


I lost 19lbs (8.6kgs) in just eight weeks

With Great in 8, you’re never on your own and you always feel so well supported.


Water Week was a revelation, i lost 5lbs that week

Great in 8 is a gradual process – and it’s resulted in a lifestyle change that I can commit to.


I’ve always lived for my next meal and been ruled by cravings. Great in 8 stopped my snacking in week one.

Thanks to Great in 8 I feel better than I have done in years physically and mentally.


Fitness and Wellbeing Coach

  • Are you seeking a healthier, happier way to live?
  • Perhaps you’re not sure how you can fit exercise and healthier eating into your already crammed day?
  • Are those extra pounds refusing to budge?

Developed by fitness and wellbeing coach Barrie Johnston, Great in 8 is a programme that can gradually help you make positive changes to your life that are achievable and manageable.

Great in 8 will:
- help you lose weight
- provide you with more energy
- aid sleep
- improve your to relationship with food and exercise
- help you build strength, flexibility and improve your fitness levels.

You won’t just find yourself losing weight, staying fit and sleeping better, but you’ll be on the path to good health for the rest of your life.

Sign up today to be part of the next Great in 8 programme starting May 6th.